Yam Concepcion the ‘next Cristine Reyes’

Yam Conception first discovered for her appearance in a music video.

Yam Concepcion is being trained by the talent management arm of Viva Entertainment to headline its upcoming sexy films.

But according to “Viva’s newest sweetheart,” as she is dubbed by men’s magazine FHM, shedding her clothes for the big screen isn’t all that’s planned for her showbiz career.

Her career peg? That of Kapamilya actress Cristine Reyes.

“Viva management told me that they wanted me to be sexy in the mold of Cristine Reyes, doing teleseryes, being the leading woman, things like that,” Conception told FHM in its October 2012 issue, where she appears as its cover girl.

Concepcion aims for the same kind of growth, which meant taking the “risk” of making her debut via FHM and an upcoming sexy film.

“I’m just trying to be strong and versatile. I’m risking it all, that’s how life is, you have to risk it and go out of your comfort zone, try different things and learn from it,” she said.

For her film debut, Concepcion said she will star in the “scandalous” adult-drama film “Rigodon,” directed by Erik Matti.

“It has three characters and shows three different points of view on how they regard love, life, lust, marriage and such.” I gave it my all. Let’s leave it at that. It’s very scandalous,” she said of the film.

Although she is being bombarded as an adult film star.

“I wouldn’t consider myself a sexy symbol. It actually took a year of talks. I had to psyche myself for it; I didn’t want to do something I wasn’t a hundred percent sure, I wanted to do,” Concepcion said.

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