Video: Lim vs. Estrada debate on Umagang Harapan

ABS-CBN hosted a heated debate between, former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada and Mayor Alfredo Lim, through the “Umagang Kay Ganda.” The debate turned ugly on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 as the two candidates traded insults on air.

The former President Erap stated that he pitied Mayor Lim and appointed him Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government after the latter placed fourth in the 1998 presidential race.

According to former President, Manila Mayor Lim betrayed him when Lim joined the so-called EDSA Dos revolt that deposed Estrada in 2001 due to corruption allegations. He also cited that he already forgave Lim with the incident when Mayor Lim visited him in Tanay resthouse in 2004 and allegedly begged his forgiveness.

Meanwhile on Mayor Lim’s part he denied the accusations that he was weeping in front of Estrada and begging his forgiveness. He cited he would never cry in front of Estrada whom he described as a liar and a criminal.

Manila Mayor admitted that he abandoned Estrada during the EDSA Dos revolt, later convicted but was pardoned by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Other issues that were discussed were about the birth certificate. Estrada challenged Mayor Lim to produce his birth certificate after the mayor said he was born in Tondo, Manila. Lim also turned the tables on Estrada, saying that the former president should quit the race if he produces his birth certificate.

Watch the complete video of the Umagang Harapan Video below:

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