Vice Ganda, finally met his “Kalokalike”

TV host comedian Vice Ganda, finally met his “Kalokalike” during the Friday’s episode of “It’s Showtime.” The phenomenal comedian Vice Ganda was surprised when his Kalokalike known as Jay Failanga from Cebu graced the stage.

Jay Failanga from Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu had also made tattoos similar to Vice Ganda’s tattoos on his neck and wrist. Although the face and the gesture were really Kalokalike, but the difference is with the voice.

The Kalokalike contestant and eventually became the winner has the same dance moves and gestures similar to his idol, Vice Ganda. Jay Failanga was got positive response from the judges as he was hailed as the winner against his contenders kalokalike of Jodi Sta. Maria and Ethel Booba.

Watch the performance video of Vice Ganda’s Kalokalike here:

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