Thai hearthrob Mario Maurer guesting in ‘GGV’ wins huge in ratings

Mario Maurer is a Thai actor.

The guesting of Thai superstar hearthrob Mario Maurer on “Gandang Gabi Vice” drew in a strong nationwide viewership Sunday night.

Pinoy fans of Thai hearthrob were glued to their TV screens late Sunday night, as the Thai heartthrob showed his goofy side on Vice Ganda’s comedy talk show.

Maurer was accompanied by his fellow cast members in ‘Suddenly it’s magic’ Erich Gonzales, Cacai Bautista and Joross Gamboa.

According to the TV ratings data of multinational market research group Kantar Media, the November 4 episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice” garnered 18.4% in national TV rating, while its rival show aired on GMA-7, “Imbestigador,” only earned a nationwide rating of 14.0%.

Even online, Maurer’s guesting drew raves from viewers of the talk show. On micro-blogging site Twitter, the hashtag “#MarioMaureronGGV” became the No. 1 trending topic worldwide during the airing of the program.

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