Rep. Benjo Benaldo kisses Daiana Menezes image in Instagram post, an answers Host-model Cryptic Message

Daiana Menezes’ fiancé, Cagayan de Oro Representative Benjamin “Benjo” Benaldo, answered the cryptic posts made by Brazilian model after her followers and friends showed concern to Daiana.

Daiana Menezes formerly posted series of photos with messages like “No to rape,” “No to violence against Women,” “Stop Violence Against women” and most of all she also posted a photo of her arm full of fresh cuts and bruises on her social media accounts.

Cagayan de Oro congressman Benjo Benaldo, posted a very amorous photo of himself kissing a blown-up tarpaulin image of the 25-year-old Brazilian actress and model three days ago. The caption reads: “I miss my woman.”

The photo was posted after 4 days since the last photos of Daiana Menezes went viral on different social media sites. Although there is no official statement yet from the Congressman himself but his post is probably an answer to Daiana’s cryptic messages.

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