Photo Scandal: Gerald Anderson taking a leak and exposing his private part

A photo, allegedly that of Gerald Anderson, peeing on the side of mountain trail looking away from the camera but his private part exposed, has been getting a lot of buzz online whether it is really the Kapamilya actor or not.

The photo shows a man apparently taking a leak and exposing his private part.

Looking closely in the photo scandal may affirm your initial thoughts that it has a huge resemblance- the hairstyle, body built, facial hair, the bracelet- on that of the Kapamilya actor Gerald Anderson. We can’t also discount the possibility that the photo has undergone the magic of photoshop.

What is even more striking is that both have a similarly looking bracelet.

On the other hand, the first photo hints a tattoo in his right wrist while the real Gerald has no tattoo on the same area.
And just like the Marjorie Barretto photo scandal, we ran an error level analysis of the photo to rule out the possibility of it being fake or Photoshopped.

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