Minimum Wage to Increase For Workers in NCR possible in September

Good news to minimum wage earners in Metro Manila (NCR). An increase in minimum is being planned for workers in the region according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). An increase in minimum awaits minimum-wage earners in Metro Manila early September this year after the regional wage board and a group of employers agreed to salary adjustments owing to increases in utility charges, tuition in private schools and the need to make workers benefit from the country’s robust economic growth.

In a report, it quoted Director Allan Macaraya of DOLE as saying the minimum wage will increase in September. Director met with a group of employers and labor unions on Friday for the first round of wage consultations on the separate petitions filed by two labor groups asking for P83 and P85 across-the-board wage increase, respectively.

“Some employers agreed to a wage increase as we started the wage consultations based on the two petitions,” Macaraya

However, the amount of increase is not yet final. DOLE plans to consult with business groups as well as labor unions for the just increase for Metro Manila workers.

A public consultation will also be done before the increase is implemented. At present, the minimum wage for Metro Manila is P456.00/day.

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