Mayor Lim endorses Joseph Estrada for Manila Mayor?

Alfredo Lim’s impersonator Comedian Willie Nepomuceno endorse Manila Mayoralty candidate Joseph Estrada in one of the most awkward endorsement in Manila.

The endorsement happened on Monday when ex-President Joseph “Erap” Estrada attended the Kapihan sa Diamond Hotel in Manila, Willie Nepomuceno showed up as Fred Lim and gave a comedic monologue on issues surrounding the Manila Mayor.

Their special guest and organizers never thought that another personality would drop by the event, providing amusement to those who attended.

Here are just some of the few jokes curated by Willie Nepomuceno who wished Erap Estrada well and admitted that he was only plugging his upcoming show this coming April 12 at the Music Museum.

On peace and order: “Because of my order, the criminals are now in peace!”

On Manila’s unpaid electricity bill: “Sinabi ni Erap na hindi daw kami nagbabayad ng kuryente sa Manila. Eh kaya nga madi-LIM.”

“Hindi totoo na P800 million ang utang ng Maynila. Dahil P300 million ang utang ng Maynila. Yung sa P500 million, pang utang, na-compute ko na ‘yun at mababayaran natin yan in 50 years. Ngayon, if you elect me for the next 50 years as mayor of Manila, mababayaran natin ‘yan”

During Nepomuceno’s visit as Fred Lim, he was asked by Estrada why the bill ballooned to P800 million, Nepomuceno answed that “Eh pinapalago ko para magkaroon ng interest.”

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