Marjorie Barretto’s photo scandal surfaces on the internet; Marjorie Denies!

Marjorie Barretto is on the hot seat recently after an alleged photo scandal of her was published and surfaces on various social networking revealing a very bold side of her.

Is the photo authentic or is it just another dirty magic of the so-called photoshopped phenomenon?! Meanwhile, actress turned politician Marjorie defends herself and denies that she’s the woman on the photo scandal. In an interview, she made a brief statement:

“No. That’s not me. I would never do something like that. That’s not my nature.”

Will her sister Claudine Barretto be blamed again for this controverial photos after their family issues?! Let’s see.

Update May 8 2013: Atty. Lorna P. Kapunan has sent a request message for this post to be removed and as far as we would like to prove or disprove the alleged photo Atty. Kapunan mentioned something about the photo in reply to rightonthemark’s blog

Dear Mr. Blogger,

Thank you for your reply. In response thereto, please note that Ms. Barreto informed us that she made the initial remark denying the photos before she actually saw them. Later, after seeing the photos, Ms. Barretto told us that it is her.

We look forward that you will take down the photos soonest.

Does this means that the photo is really authentic?

Marjorie Barretto Lorna Kapunan

ref:entervrexworld & rightonthemark

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