Marian Rivera unveils that her gift to Dingdong Dantes is not expensive

GMA couples Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes.

Kapuso actress Marian Rivera is known to be a very generous partner. Last year, she gave her boyfriend Dingdong Dantes a million-peso Ducati motorbike for Christmas. And no matter how busy she is, she would really make an effort to make her boyfriend birthdays extra special.

However, Marian seems to have changed her gift-giving tactics this christmas season.The actress says that her Christmas gift to her boyfriend won’t be as pricey as last year’s. “I was walking around Rustan’s when I saw a figurine. It’s corny, but I thought I’ll change my strategy because I always give expensive gifts. So this time, I want to give a card,” Marian said.

“I then gave him a huge heart figurine. It has a guy carrying a girl in it. And it said, ‘Every time I see you, I always become happy and I feel fulfilled. And I promise to love you forever.’ That’s what it says. So I was touched, and I gave it to him.”

She also said that she had already given her gift to Dingdong, who was touched by her gesture. “He was touched, he said, ‘Oh, this is so gay!” she said, laughing.

When asked for Dingdong’s Christmas gift to her, she answered that they often give each other gifts even if there’s no occasion. “You know, Dingdong would give gifts even if it’s not Christmas. So with us, it doesn’t mean that just because it’s Christmas, we have to give gifts to each other. Sometimes, when I see something, I’ll buy it. For example, if I know that he’s tired on the set, I’ll bake banana bread for him. ‘For you..’ so that’s already a gift.”

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