John Lloyd Cruz confirms relationship with Angelica Panganiban

John Lloyd and Angelica finally a couple.

Actor John Lloyd Cruz finally confirmed that he is in a relationship with Angelica Panganiban.

In an interview with The Buzz on Sunday, October 28, John Lloyd ratified that Angelica is indeed his girlfriend, saying that he is “beyond happiness.”

Before John Lloyd’s confirmation, Angelica’s director Dante Nico Garcia already spilled the beans on John Lloyd and Angelica’s 4-month relationship.

According to the actor, he has known Angelica for the longest time until that day came when he saw the actress in a different light all of a sudden. John Lloyd, however said he and Angelica still refuse to go into details about their relationship.

Before his interview ended, he greeted Angelica on air saying “Hi love!”

John Lloyd and Angelica were paired in the upcoming Star Magic film 24/7 in Love. When the two returned from the said movie shoot in Vietnam last April, rumors about a blossoming romance between the two surfaced.

There were also rumors that John Lloyd gave Angelica a Mercedes Benz and a diamond ring as a gift, a sign of a deeper relationship between the two.

Watch John Lloyd Cruz’s interview on The Buzz and his admission below.

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