Jodi Sta. Maria not rushing into a new relationship with Jolo Revilla

Even though Jodi Sta. Maria’s marriage to Pampi Lacson is already in the process of being annulled, she says that we were not rushing into relationship with Jolo Revilla. There’s no pressure or anything,” she said

Jodi is also willing to take another stab at true love despite having gone through the trauma of a failed relationship. “It’s not something that you planned. It just happened,” she said. “Sometimes, things come when you least expect it. Just because I came from a failed relationship, it doesn’t mean that every future potential relationship will fail, too. We shouldn’t be pessimistic about the future, right?”

Iwa also insists that she’s not Pampi’s mistress as it was clear that he and Jodi were already separated when they got together. “I can’t accept being called a mistress. That’s one thing. I’m not a mistress. Maybe they’re saying that I’m the other woman now, because Pampi and Jodi are still married. But it’s clear that they weren’t together anymore when Pampi and I got together. What really hurts is that Jodi knew that I was married to Mickey that time. She knew, and they had a relationship for, like, three months.”

When asked to respond to Iwa’s claims, Jodi refused to make a comment. “Up to this day, I will keep quiet and keep my silence,” the actress said.

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