Heart Evangelista Buys Her own new house, finally independent from her parents

Heart Evangelista has finally bought a new house out of her hard-earned money. Kapuso actress said this is a signal that she is finally independent from her parents, who she has been living with only a few floors away from her old condominium building.

This time, Evangelista bought an actual house. She attends to her own garden, pays the bills and even does the grocery. It is fulfilling to be able to reach this level of independence, the actress said.

Her boyfriend, Senator Chiz Escudero, has been a big help to her, she said. Although they have no plans yet to settle down, the actress said she hopes their relationship will eventually go that way. For now, the actress is enjoying living independently and doing things at her own pace.

Meanwhile, actress admitted she is still not in speaking terms with her parents, but cleared she is in good terms with her siblings. The actress said she misses her dad so much, who she was very close to.

It can be remembered that earlier this year, Evangelista’s parents held a press conference criticizing the actress’ relationship with the senator. They tagged Escudero as a drunkard and manipulator.

Evangelista stood by her boyfriend and decided to move out from the condominium building she shares with her parents.

But the actress is confident the love she and her father have for each other will not fade away just like that. She added that since his birthday is coming up, she is sure he will eventually look for her.

“So I’m very confident with the love that I have for my dad and the love that he has for me, may, eventually, he will look for me, and he would not want to waste any more time of our lives to be apart.”

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