Filipino food truck “Eggrollin” brings lumpia, halo-halo to Utah

Pinoy food finally found its way to Provo. Eggrollin’ the area’s first mobile restaurant to offer Philippine cuisine – pulled into town two weeks ago.

According to the owner and the chef of the food truck, Rojo Castillo, many people in Provo are waiting for Filipino food to arrive and they really crave for it. Castillo claims that he only brings his food truck on the streets so that many can eat the Pinoy foods that he sells.

“Maraming tao dito sa Provo naghihintay talaga ng Filipino food,” said the owner and chef, Rojo Castillo. “Kaya dinala ko ang food truck ko dito para yun lang, para kumain lahat ng tao dito.”

Located at 800 North and 500 West, the red trailer with the phrase “Got Lumpia?” painted on the side, is quickly attracting customers.

“We thought we’d come and try it out, and the quality was super high. I thought it was really good lumpia,” Tyler McArthur said.

As the name suggests, Eggrollin’ specializes in lumpia, but the menu also features staples like Adobong Manok, Pancit Bihon, and Halo-halo.

“You get a whole bunch of food for a great deal, and it’s all super yummy,” Hannah Camit said.

It all started about two years ago when Castillo set up a camp stove near his house and started selling lumpia on the side of the road.

“Naubos lahat,” he said. “Within an hour and a half, two hours, na-soldout na ako. So for three weeks, nag-a-add ako ng 50 sa inventory ko – na-sold out.”

Since then, Castillo built a trailer, acquired his food service license, and made dozens of new friends.

“I should’ve done it 20 years ago,” he said with a smile. “I love it. I’m always happy. I love to cook. I love talking to people. And it’s my passion.”

Castillo also mentioned that if the red restaurant continues to do well, he’d like to open two more trucks: one in yellow and one in blue.

Watch video here:

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