DepEd: Teachers Not Allowed to Sell Foods to Students

Department of Education (DepEd) warned those teachers who are in the business of selling foods to their students.

According to the Philippines governing body in charge of securing the safety of public education in the Philippines DepEd, they will continue with their crack down on teachers and other school personnel who are selling foods to their fellow teachers and students while they were performing their jobs as public school teachers.

Based upon the pronouncement made by DepEd National Capital Region director, Dr. Luz Almeda, who said there have been implementing rules and guidelines on the operation and management of canteens in public elementary and high schools.

The rules cited that food must only be sold via the school canteen, which can be run by a school operator, teacher, cooperative or accredited group of concessionaires.

If there are instances that teachers have food business, they can sell their food provided that it will be sold via the operator which runs the canteen.

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