Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz video scandal rumors Surfaced?

Week after week, we are surprised by news about photo and video scandals of our most favorite stars. Some are true and some are not. The latest to join the list of ‘scandalous artists’ are ex-couple Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz who, according to rumors have a sex video scandal.

Rumors say a video scandal of ex-couple Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz is bound to hit the internet soon.

But how could something like that be predicted? Not unless the one who made the prediction has the said “video” in his keep and plans to upload it on the internet someday soon.

There’s no proof about the said scandal as of yet. But, if the rumor is true, the video will definitely fall to the hand of the public anytime soon.

Much as we don’t want another scandal yet, especially these days that the country faces a lot of issues, political and natural calamities alike, we can do nothing but expect the people to care for scandals like this spark interest from the public.

It can be recalled that Cruz and Reyes already separated ways months ago, which they said, was a mutual decision. Just a few weeks ago, Reyes confirmed her relationship with their common friend, Derek Ramsay.

The Rayver Cruz-Christine Reyes scandal, if ever exists, would definitely affect a lot of people, including Ramsay, and these personalities’ families, friends and fans.

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