Angel Locsin and Coco Martin are set to team-up in upcoming drama for 2013

Young superstar Angel Locsin and bankable actor Coco Martin.

Atress Angel Locsin and Coco Martin are set to unite in upcoming drama for 2013, Juan dela Cruz slated to air first quarter of next year in Primetime Bida.

Juan dela Cruz is a failed entry to Metro Manila Film Festival since their script was rejected.

Deo Endrinal, ABS-CBN’s Uni Head decided to give it a try. He believes that it would be successful if aired in TV. And so the ABS-CBN is now plugging about who’s Juan dela Cruz?

According to a report, the said upcoming drama is considered the biggest historical epic drama to date and was shot in Amsterdam.

Juan dela Cruz also stars veteran actress Gina Pareño and award-winning actress Mylene Dizon to be directed by Malou Sevilla.

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