7,000 reasons why Tourists should visit to Philippines

More than 7,000 islands in the Philippines. And the Philippine government said — that’s more than enough reason for people from other parts of the world to visit the Philippines.

“It’s a unique destination. There’s things in the Philippines you can’t find anywhere else and people want to experience that,” said Dave Riopel, an American who wants to travel to the “Pearl of the Orient” for the first time.

The Philippine Department of Tourism is expecting to have a record 10 million international tourists in 2016. The Aquino government has set aside $1.3 billion to build tourism infrastructure, such as roads that lead to various tourist spots.

To encourage more tourists to come, the country is also pushing to ease visa regulation.

For the first seven months of 2013, foreign tourist arrivals reached 2.8 million, an 11% increased compared to a year ago.

To help boost Philippine tourism in America, Resorts World Manila introduced their premier destination to the community through the “Thrill the World” roadshow, recently held at Fort McKinley restaurant in South San Francisco, California.

Resorts World Manila, which opened in 2009, is only 5 minutes away from the airport and from the business district.

“Everything is under one roof. We offer gaming here for those who want to go to a casino. We also offer entertainment through our musical theatre. We have shopping outlets. We also have three different hotels to cater to every need. We have a 6-star hotel, a mid-class hotel and a budget hotel,” said Martin Paz, VP for Marketing of Resorts World Manila.

Paz describes their tourists’ experience as being on a cruise ship — but on land.

Philippine officials said having world-class destinations like Resorts World Manila only strengthens the Philippines’ position as the place to be — all year round.

What makes it even more fun to travel to the Philippines — is the people’s hospitality.

“It’s the Filipino people. We are blessed with natural resources. But we have a fun-loving people that will always make their guests number one,” Jaime Ascalon, Philippine Deputy Consul General in San Francisco, said.

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